Looking for the best cordless earbuds under Rs. 10,000 in India? You are in the right place. We have some of the best earplugs you can buy in India, and it fits your budget.

Since Apple introduced AirPods in 2016, the demand for TWS (True Wireless Stereo) headphones has increased dramatically. Everyone needs to use cordless and cordless earbuds as their daily driver. To meet the demand and turn this time into a profit, many mobile electronics companies and consumers have entered the field of wireless headphones. So, there are so many options for cordless earplugs, that it’s hard to make a purchase decision for end customers like you and me.


After most of the high -end brands, Sony became the last brand to announce TWS in India. Sony WF-XB700 belongs to the popular Extra Base series, and you can expect a deep and powerful bass. The cordless earbuds come with a 12mm driver and use Bluetooth 5.0 to give you exceptional classic sound quality.

With the Sony WF-XB700 you can get 9 hours of playing time, while the one with the protective cover lasts 9 hours. You can also upload cases through the Type-C port. The other good news is that they have an IPX4 security number, which prevents perspiration or water splashes. You can easily use the buttons on each earbud to pause, play, jump, adjust volume and answer calls. It is compatible with multi -voice assistant software. Considering the brand value and product quality, Sony WF-XB700 is undoubtedly one of the best tws in Wanai. The Sony WF-XB700 has received positive reviews from avid listeners.

2. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (Black)


The Galaxy belly has 2-speaker power used by AKG, and the bass output is balanced from center to high. This earbud is from an old partnership between Samsung and AKG and can give you the best audio experience within this budget while sticking to wireless technology.

The 3-microphone sound reduction system in these ears can give you a clear and noise-free experience. Bluetooth 5 and low latency rates mean that your videos and games will have the same sound quality as when played through speakers near you, with no sound delay at all. Samsung Galaxy Buds are a good choice for really cordless earbuds, priced at 10,000 rupees.

The earbuds have a small touch control that lets you easily control music and calls, as well as charging a charger without a Qi-compatible cable or USB Type-C cable, just in case you don’t have a charger with you. The headset can be used for 11 hours after a full charge, but can be extended up to 22 hours by using the charge box.


1more is not just a brand; it means real quality; yes, it validates many headphones, but there are other brands that maintain the true quality of their products. This 1more cordless headset is also quality. This real 1more cordless earbuds has a 410mAh mobile power box, which can charge the ear up to 4 times. The in -ear battery has a portable battery of almost 55mAh. The in-ear box has a Type C subscription cable, which can be used every day.

The most interesting thing about this earplug is that it is available in four colors: black, pink, gold and light green. You can choose according to your preferences. This real cordless earbud comes with Bluetooth 5.0 version, thanks to aptX and ACC technology, able to produce high quality sound that will never let you down. The LED antenna built into the phone is laser -mounted to ensure smooth communication between the music and the phone.

The earbuds use waterproof body control technology, and also have the function of rain and sweat when used outdoors. Here are the best cordless earplugs1 at Rs. 6000 has full functions, such as high design, crystal clear sound, color selection, high wireless quality, waterproof technology and noise reduction technology; all these features are 1more, the price is 6000 Rupees. The stage is given to you.

4. JBL Endurance Peak by Harman True Wireless in Ear Headphones


This cordless earbud is one of the most authentic cordless earbuds in India. With a budget of 10,000, this may be one of your best buying options.

You’ll be amazed at the power and high-quality sound of these JBL wireless headphones. It has amazing battery life, 4 playback times and an additional 24-hour subscription box, so these durable Bluetooth earbuds can be used for up to 28 hours.

In an emergency, you can choose to pay quickly, and can play music 1 hour after a 10 -minute charge. No matter the exterior or interior design, you will not be disappointed. Twistlock and Flexsoft technology will give you a comfortable and safe garment, allowing you to wear it well throughout the day.

Mono and stereo modes can help you switch between calls and music easily, quickly and smoothly as well. The unique electric design can open / close your earbuds, adding more comfort to your life. It comes with IPX7, so you can use these cordless earbuds without worrying about water damage and perspiration.


boAt is a popular Indian company in headphones, speakers and usable accessories. The Airdope 281 is one of the low-cost TWS earbuds in the boAt Airdope series, which launched in India in February 2020.

Construction quality and appearance

The Airdope 281 cordless earirdugs use an in-ear earphone and a plastic structure, and the top is covered with a matching finish to make the ear cords look good. In terms of comfort, this ear plate is comfortable for a long time. Its rod-based shape and silica tip allow the tilted head to fit your ears safely without pain. There are four LED lights on the front of the device to let you know the battery level in the device.

There’s a universal USB Type-c port on the back, which can be charged with a modern 5w charger adapter. The overall quality and price of the BoAt Airdope 28 is very reasonable at this price. In addition, these earplugs are very lightweight, comfortable to use, and not easily removed from the ear.

Sound quality

The BoAt Airdope 28 is powered by a 6mm titanium aluminum driver per earbud, which produces excellent sound quality and provides excellent noise isolation with a secure ear seal.

The bass notes are very good, providing enough bass output to be enjoyable for listening to online music and watching movies. But these low -cost earbuds don’t deliver a powerful bass like their brother boAt Airdope 441 cordless. If you feel heavy bass when listening to music, then with the help of the Equalizer in a high -end phone you can improve the bass of your device without any problems. The sound and treble are good.

For voice and video calling, the Airdope 281 works well in normal conditions.

However, these ears do not have support for noise reduction, which is why they are ineffective at performing these noises in a noisy environment.

Battery life

The TWS Airdope 281 comes with a 40mAh battery pack per earbud, and a 420mAh battery in the internal recharge box. boAt said each earbud can be used for 3.5 hours on a single charge, while 14 hours can be used on a single charge. It’s worth noting that the headline supports quick bookings, which can be paid in full within 1 hour.

Additional features

Airdrop 281 has Bluetooth v5.0 technology, which can provide seamless and smooth connectivity, up to 10 meters away, without any problems. The ear cords have IPX5 waterproof and sweat-resistant performance, allowing you to use these ear cords during sports and exercise. The top of each earbud has a touch capacitance, which can control media and sound. In addition, you can call the voice assistant by long pressing on the earpiece.

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