What’s the point of spending money on a processor, graphics card, or cooling system instead of a monitor? As you can see, the best game controllers can provide more screenshots and better display quality in a shorter response time. This will improve your game life and increase your playing skills.

So, you have to spend a lot of money without affecting the quality of the show and the response time. Here are the 10 best budget game controllers in India by 2021, they will help to improve your gaming experience without you having to spend a lot of money.


NameDisplay SizeResolutionRefresh RatePrice
Acer Nitro QG221Q21.5-inch1920 X 1080 Pixels60 Hz₹7,999
LG 24MP59G24-inch1920 X 1080 Pixels74Hz₹9,999
LG 29UM69G29-inch75Hz₹16,999
Acer 23.6 inch KG241Q P23.6-inch1920 x 1080 Pixels144Hz₹12,999
LG Ultragear 24GL60024-inch3840 x 3840 Pixels144Hz₹14,999
Asus VG258QR24.5-inch2560 x 1080 Pixels165Hz₹24,111
LG Ultragear 27GK75027-inch1920×1080 Pixels240Hz₹25,999
LG 27UK65027-inch3840 x 2160 Pixels60Hz₹29,999

1. Acer Nitro QG221Q Monitor

A new line that supports 75Hz playback and AMD Free Sync is also on our list. Its 21.5-inch VA display supports full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, forcing us to add Acer Nitro. It has 2 VGA HDMI ports to connect. The low price compensates for the lack of features such as low brightness and a display port.

However, the gains at a fair price outweigh the losses. Features such as front-facing protection, color enhancement, perfect images, super sync, and fast frame rates can reduce latency and enrich the AMD Radeon FreeSync user experience.

Great Feature

  • 21.5 ”VA panel
  • Full HD 1920 X 1080 resolution
  • 1 hour millisecond response
  • 1 VGA 2 HDMI ports with VGA and HDMI Inbox cables
  • AMD Radeon free combination technology
  • VESA wall mount – Black Boost technology

2. Samsung LC24FG73FQWXXL

Surprisingly, Samsung has introduced two versions (black and blue) of the 23.5 QLED game controller. It is one of the best 144hz curved displays in India. The monitor provides a fast response time of 1 millisecond and uses AMD’s free integration technology to provide a smooth experience. This is probably one of the first best budget toy controllers with recording technology. By using this technology, you can get real colors and deeper blacks. Quantum dots produce a rich, clear and immersive experience, making your video or game feel like it’s real.

India’s best game controller incorporates a range of clean, sharp blacks and healthy colors for all game types. The contrast ratio is 3000: 1 best in its class. The rotation of the curved display panel reaches 1800R, allowing you to get a truly immersive experience while playing games.

This lightweight digital monitor not only creates a powerful atmosphere, but also provides a separate Samsung OSD dashboard. The game helps to adjust several areas of the situation at first glance, and allows you to use shortcut keys to change how you want to play.

You can even sneak in through verified upgrades for various games to get the best gaming experience to ensure that players can see dark areas or see opponents without straining their eyes. Samsung LC24FG73FQWXXL is one of the best 144hz monitors in India, reducing blur and making gaming smooth.



23.5-inch QLED gaming monitor
Affordable & Best curved 144hz monitor India
Realistic colors and darker blacks
Use of Quantum dots
Curved display panel with 1800R curvature
120hz settings for optimal performance


Activate the G-sync as well as free sync option when you have dedicated graphics


3. ASUS 21.5 Inch Monitor (VP228H)

When we think of a high-class monitor we think about the resolution first. The ASUS gaming monitor free sync has a resolution of 1920×1080 which is not bad. It has some minor issues with the screen where pictures may look washed out when you view it for the first time. When you get used to it you would start to appreciate the “1 ms “ response time and the dynamic contrast. Note that the contrast is dynamic. The monitor struggles with its speakers. The 1.5w speakers are mediocre for the price.

The overall volume is really low. It would be sufficient if your room is quiet or with fewer people with don’t expect to run a party with the monitor. Overall I suppose this is a product for gamers, which means that the speakers have basically no use. If you love gaming then this one is having a great display and loud sound connected to HDMI.

A single cable is required for both sound and display there is an alternative for audio cable and video VGA but HDMI does both of the jobs. It’s one of the best gaming monitors in India you can find. In recent times, Asus gaming monitors are loved by many peoples and here in India.

Asus is trying to get hold of the gaming market. The Asus gaming monitor free sync comes good for the price, the picture is bright and sharp. However, I find the button at right bottom small and clumsy to operate. Also, the sound is not good at all. The sound is not natural, not good for any music. I am fine with the voice and high pitched sounds. This is the best gaming monitor free sync in India for the price.

Although it just a budget segment PC gaming monitor but still we feel it’s worth making a try if low on budget. ASUS gaming monitor VP228H is only monitoring that has a minimum 1ms of response time as the price is subjected to change anytime. We recommend you to buy only if needed and also if you get it at the lowest price possible today.


Cheapest gaming monitor With Free Sync resolution of 1920×1080
“1 ms “ response time and the dynamic contrast
A great display and loud sound connected to HDMI
Most selling Asus gaming monitor
1ms of response time


Screen looks washed out for the first time


4. LG UltraGear 24 inch (60.96 cm)

Amazon does a small transaction, but I bought it for less than 15k. Amazon caught up with that too. In fact, this is the first LG IPS monitor. I used to have a Viewsonic TN Monitor monitor. The best part is that the response time of both monitors is 5ms, but the advantage of LG is that it is the best IPS game controller. The viewing angle is very good. Looking down from above, it is a bit fading. That sounds good when it comes to this product, it seems to be one of the best game monitors in India. The stand is like a professional PC game controller.

The height cannot be changed, but it is perfect. The IPS screen of this PC monitor looks beautiful and the colors are really bright. Literally there is very little chance of getting a result that doesn’t work, so of course this is the best computer gambling monitor in India, give it a try. What I prefer is that the game is very smooth. There are many options for the game. It may not be as fast as TN is showing now. Only time will tell the quality of the production and the length of the event. I bought it less than a year ago. For now, I love it. What excited me: it’s similar to FreeSync technology. Plus, I don’t want to go into details now. The second is a Displayport that always has 1 DP, 1 HDMI and 1 VGA.

The third should be the refresh rate, which gives up to 75Hz at a resolution of 1920 × 1080. It even means better game flow. This is an IPS PC game controller with sRGB-99%color rendering. The colors are very accurate and the display can be used to create interiors. In addition to everything you see on the Internet, I would like to highlight another point. I run games with a high score of over 75. Consider, even if the screen rate jumps to 120, the monitor won’t feel torn, which is great.

Sometimes I bring this kind of post to inform you about the best game monitors in India. You can click on each product link and get its profile directly from the Amazon store. Yes, for fun. It can almost be used for watching movies, playing games or reading. Surely you would not feel that there is a problem.

Talking about the billions of response times that I don’t like seems like a marketing gimmick to me. Suspends free adaptation. It can cause the screen to flicker, irritate the eyes and irritate. If I reduce the boost rate to 60Hz and the response time is 1ms, it will not crash, but will not reach its goal.


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