Best Truly Wireless earbuds India under 3000: People often shop on the Internet because they can buy all sorts of things they like by looking at them. Similarly, online stores are designed to provide customer satisfaction by continuing to offer a variety of services. As a result, customers are happy and get high quality items at low prices. Below that, we’ve brought you a cordless ear plate, which you’ll get at a low price. This offer is only available for a limited time. That’s why you should buy them as soon as possible. You can buy all these products from Amazon.

OnePlus Buds Z (White)

  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playback Time: 15 Hours
  • Waterproof: Only Sweatproof
  • Driver Size: 10MM
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Calling Mic: Yes

OnePlus Buds Z competes with companies like Realme and Xiaomi with a TWS headset at the entrance. The price of the OnePlus Buds Z is less than 3000 rupees, it’s a lot, and the sound value is also decent. This is an all-plastic system made of high-quality plastic. Like Xiaomi’s TWS headphone jack, the shape of the lever on the tablet looks the same, but the thickness of the lever here is smaller. The stunning round stone design features a magnetic device that can open and close the filling case.

Outside the house, there is an LED that indicates battery level and battery status. It has a USB port and a mixing button on the back. The TWS headphones are made with IP55 certification and are suitable for jogging or going to the gym without worrying about dust, sweat, or small water pipes. Surprisingly, the sound it produces is very balanced compared to our expected heavy bass qualities.

The bass on this track is round, while the sound and pitch are clear and prominent. OnePlus Buds Z is a great choice for people who like to listen to all kinds of music without a bass head. When at home, the quality is excellent, but don’t expect the same results when the outside world is noisy.

Using the Melody app available in the Play Store, you can customize this TWS earbud with easy-to-touch controls. Just launch the OnePlus Buds Z once, and you can play music for up to 5 hours at a moderate pitch. The mobile transfer case allows you to charge the earbuds with 3 different charges. With this earbud from OnePlus, you can listen to music for 2 hours in just 10 minutes. One Plus Buds Z are feature-rich TWS-ear earbuds that provide excellent battery life and balanced sound output.



  1. Fits ergonomically in the ears
  2. The output is well balanced
  3. Gaming audio with low latencies
  4. Up to 5 hours of battery life
  5. HeyMelody companion app support
  6. Water-resistant and dust-proof IP55
  1. Volume control not available
  2. The earpieces have limited controls
  •  Brand ‎Redmi
  • super lightweight at only about 4.1 grams. 
  •  4 hours of playback time in a single charge
  • Bluetooth 5.0: Now enjoy a better wireless range

Realme is well-established brand in mobile segment, now they have entered into the non smartphone categories. Now the market of truly wireless earbuds grow gradually.

Design & Built Quality

Apple airpods are the innovative true wireless earbuds and most of the companies trying to copy its concept. Realme also do that for their budget segment consumers. Build quality is quite impressive cause of best quality plastic. this wireless earbud comes with a charging case with USB type c port at its bottom. It has a front facing led indicator and a function key. Opening and closing of this charging case is quite annoying. The ear buds can be comfortable for you but for those who have small ears faces some issue.

Sound Quality

Realme bud air comes with 12 mm sound driver which is trying to enhance the bass output. If you want heavy background music with laud volume then the vocals starting distroted. Its noise cancellation is very poor. You can hear surrounding sound easily even if you are listening music loadly. Its call quality is pretty impressive people on the other side listen us load and clear. Realme bud air comes with gaming mode which is trying to maintain low latency rate while game play.

Battery Life

We can get 3 hours of juice easily in a single charge and with case it can stay with you for 14 hours. The wireless buds charged completely within 2 hours with a USB type C cable.




  1. Decent built quality.
  2. Latest type c charging port.
  3. Call quality is laud and clear.
  4. Gaming mode is good that maintain low latency.
  1. Connection drop after sometime of uses.
  2. Not comfortable for those who have small ear.
  3. Average battery backup.
  4. Noise cancellation is very poor.
  • Brand BoAt
  • Colour Raging Red
  • Connector Type Wireless
  • Model Name Airdopes 441 Pro
  • Form Factor In Ear

The boAt is a brand that needs no introduction when it comes to discussions about earphones and headphones. The company has numerous models in the Indian market at almost all price ranges selling like hotcakes. The boAt airdopes 441 Pro is a truly wireless earbud priced very competently around Rs.2,999 which gives a run for their money competition to the much pricier counterparts in terms of sound quality.

Design and Build Quality

The boAt airdopes 441 Pro is entirely made of plastic materials. This is obvious considering the price tag it retails for. However, the matte black-red finish of the charging case and the earbuds themselves feels quite okay in hand. The charging case comes with a four LED charging indicator outside which will give you the charge status at a glance.

The earbud design is almost similar to other TWS earbuds we have seen in the budget price segment. The earpiece comes with rubber padded ear hook support for a better fit inside the ear canals. The multi-function touch-sensitive buttons on the earbuds feel intuitive and offer responsive feedback as well.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The boAt airdopes 441 Pro features a 6mm speaker driver compared to the 8mm and 10mm drivers found on other earbuds. However, don’t get fooled by the numbers. This 6mm smaller driver sounds as good as any of the products reviewed in this list. These drivers deliver punchy bass which we feel is one of the best in the segment. The vocals and treble notes are equally loud and clear, resulting in overall immersive sound output.

There is surprisingly good stage separation between the tones and the instruments are distinctly audible, even at maximum volume levels.


The boAt airdopes 441 Pro comes with IPX7 water resistance. This means you can take these earbuds outdoors without any second thoughts. The multi-function touch-sensitive earbuds support voice assistant triggers which can be used to control smartphone actions remotely within the 10m range. This budget TWS earbud features IWP ( Instant Wake and Pair). Once you have paired the earbuds with your device, they will quickly connect as soon as you open the lid.

This is not a radical feature anymore, but the IWP works so well with the boAt air dopes 441 Pro that the connection is near-instantaneous. The voice call quality from the inline microphone is decent indoors but leaves a lot to be desired outdoors.

Battery Life

The 35mAh battery on these TWS earbuds lasts for up to five hours on a single charge with moderate volume levels.



  1. Type C charging port
  2. Instant Wake and Pair
  3. Reverse charging feature
  1. No volume control

Sony WI-XB400 Wireless Extra Bass in-Ear Headphones

  • Brand Sony
  • Colour Black
  • Connector Type Wireless
  • Model Name Headphones
  • Form Factor In Ear

Are you a bass lover? Battery life is of the utmost importance to you? Then Sony XB400 is the right choice for you. We’ll know that Sony is the most reputed brand name when it comes to electronics. The same quality can be seen in their Bluetooth earphones too. Starting as the name suggests, Sony WI-XB400 gives you extra bass with deep music experience. It enhances all the low-frequency for exceptional bass while maintaining voice clarity. Thumping bass is all about what you will get with this Bluetooth earphone.

Coming to the battery life, the Quick charge facility is superb by which you enjoy 60 minutes of seamless music by having just a 10-minute of charge. Not only this, but Sony is all set to give you 15 hours of long battery life upon a full charge. You have to think twice before complaining about its battery as it will fulfill all your music needs without running out too soon.

Talking about the design, it’s much user-friendly as it weighs just 21g- a lightweight design. The built-in mic performs better in hands-free calls. It supports the latest type-C charging. Google assistance is also supported for instant in-voice access to plenty of internet content. Don’t you fed up with the tangling issues with wires? To counter this, Sony has introduced magnetic earbuds. So that earbuds stick to each other when not in use. To simplify your life, it comes with inline buttons by which you can play/pause/skip through tracks or adjust the volume.



  1. Extra bass earphone
  2. Quick charge- 10 minute charge = 60 min music (15h battery backup)
  3. Built-in mic for hands-free calls
  4. Type-C charging
  5. Lightweight design (21g)
  6. Google Assistant support
  7. Easy operations with buttons
  8. Magnetic earbuds
  9. Comfortable
  1. Noise cancellation could have been better

boAt Airdopes 391 True Wireless Earbuds with Qualcomm

  • Brand BoAt
  • Colour Active Black
  • Connector Type Wireless
  • Model Name Airdopes 391
  • Form Factor In Ear

This pair of Bluetooth earbuds are recently launched, primarily focused on battery backup & charging. We will surely discuss its battery capabilities, but let’s kickstart with the design & build quality. Starring the latest Bluetooth v5.0, airdopes 391 assures seamless connectivity up to 10 meters in range. The lightweight ergonomic design of it keeps you in shape & comfortable. You never feel they are on your ears.

Smart touch controls ensure the true wireless lifestyle by giving full control over music & calls. boAt 391 TWS are IPX4 certified splashproof, but I was expecting it to be IPX5, at least. Nevertheless, they are gym-ready. The 6mm dynamic drivers provide an immersive auditory experience. The unbeatable boAt signature sound will make your entire day joyful.

In order to make your office call less stressful, the inbuilt mic plays an important role in facilitating clearer conversations. The good thing I noted in boAt Airdopes 391 earbuds is its CVC noise isolation technology. Now enjoy clearer calls as all the noisy signals get eliminated.

Now coming to the most interesting part of airdopes 391 earphones, the battery. It has a 400 mAh gigantic power case that delivers up to 18 hours of music. But hey, don’t underestimate the earbuds alone. They last up to 4.5 hours per charge cycle. Hence, a total of 23 hours of battery backup is what you can expect. The magical thing is, Airdopes 391 wireless earbuds come with an ASAP charging feature. Just charge them for only 5 minutes & ready to rock for the next 1.5 hours.



  1. Truly wireless earbuds with BT v5.0
  2. Ergonomic & Lightweight design
  3. Smart touch controls
  4. IPX4 rated waterproof
  5. 6mm drivers
  6. boAt signature sound
  7. CVC noise isolation
  8. Hands-free calls
  9. Instant voice assistant
  10. Qualcomm aptX Technology
  11. 400 mAh power case
  12. Battery backup: Upto 23 Hours
  13. ASAP charging with type-C
  14. Warranty: 1 Year

Old IPX4 rating

Realme Buds Wireless Pro with Active Noise Cancellation

  • Brand Realme
  • Colour Yellow
  • Connector Type Wireless
  • Model Name Buds Wireless Pro
  • Form Factor In Ear

If your priority is to get noise-canceling headphones and other basic features, Realme has offered a new professional wireless headset. Let’s take a look at how much this means to you in addition to how much noise reduction you have. This soft belt weighs only 33 grams and is a model. It is made of high quality material and can be worn comfortably all day long.

The IPX4 design makes it worthy of your sports partner as it is waterproof and does not tolerate sweat. Ergonomically designed earbuds serve two purposes — the first is comfort and magnetic transfer. The magnetic cord gives you a stress-free life. Just plug in the two strings and your music will stop, release them to continue playing.

This is the result you get by using the function of the magnet switch. We also have a remote button to quickly answer calls or play / pause music. Like what we see with high -neck headphones. Now when it comes to sound quality, the winner is definitely. Good dynamic noise reduction up to 35 dB is very good. You can adjust the noise level around you to hear the sound you want.

With the Sony L-DAC’s high-quality sound, the transmission rate has tripled, and you can enjoy a better listening experience. If you want to take care of your surroundings, the transparent mode allows you to do so while listening to music. With the 13.6mm amplifier driver in Realme buds pro, we can enjoy deeper and more powerful bass with advanced bass boost (DBB) technology. Always ready to throw in such a deep bass.

The game mode can reduce the latency by up to 50% (up to 119 milliseconds). Enjoy the most complete gaming experience with full audio and video integration. It also supports assistants with great voices. You can customize all the activities through the Realme Link application. Realme buds wireless pro can provide 22 hours of continuous play time when fully charged. If you keep the ANC, it will last 16 hours. It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge. A fast charge for 5 minutes can play for 100 minutes, making your life easier.



  1. Ergonomic Wireless neckband
  2. IPX4 waterproof
  3. Magnetic switch
  4. One-button control
  5. Lightweight- 33g only
  6. Active noise cancellation up to 35 dB
  7. Sony LDAC High-res audio
  8. Transparency & gaming mode
  9. 13.6 mm bass boost
  10. driver for heavy bass
    119 ms latency mode
  11. Battery: 22h (16h ANC on)
  12. Fast charging (5mins
  13. Charge for 2hrs Playback)
  14. 1 Year warranty
  1. Old IPX rating

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